Nurturing responsibility in young adults coming out of foster care image

Nurturing responsibility in young adults coming out of foster care

Be the vital support system foster youth need to build sustaining, stable adult lives.

$7,665 raised

$60,000 goal

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RightWay works each day to be the comprehensive support system that foster youth need to grow a sustaining adulthood.

We provide supportive housing, mental health services, job readiness/placement, financial coaching, educational navigation, resource navigation, and community.

As one of our youth recently said, side by side with providing therapy, housing, and employment, RightWay serves as a “Guiding factor in my adult journey and growth.”

This holiday season, we ask you to join us in nurturing responsibility for emancipated foster youth in Los Angeles County.

Each dollar you give will go directly to:

-ensuring the youth in our supportive housing who drive to work are fully insured and up-to-date in their registration

-providing a year of diapers, wipes, and essential supplies to former foster youth in our programs who have young children

-providing ride-share transportation to young adults in our programs who need to get to interviews, trainings, and the first week of a new job

–providing weekly one-on-one financial coaching and motivation, along with group financial literacy workshops, to young adults in our programs

-educating young adults in our programs on healthy habits for substance use and preventing substance use disorders

-supporting young adults in our programs in building healthy movement and nutrition into their adult lives

-guiding young adults in our supportive housing in how to manage a home, from cleaning the kitchen to paying rent on time.

Give the gift of responsibility this holiday season. Together, we can be the family support system our foster youth need to grow.